Tuesday, 10 April 2012

North Kites at S2AS

Since launching way back in 2001, North Kites quickly became one of the top three suppliers on the market; this was thanks to their innovative design and very high quality, here at S2AS we have an awesome selection of some of he brands very best kites.

Now available is the North Dyno Lightwind Kitesurfing Kite 2012, this kite comes in three colour choices, green, purple and blue. Depending on the size of the kite you require will determine the price, the prices for the Dyno Lightwind Kite are as follows:

10 m - £1,159.00
13 m - £1,269.00
15 m - £1,359.00
17 m - £1,449.00

This amazing kite has numerous great features; sure to keep you entertained for hours on end you won't be disappointed. Features include the ultra light wind design, which ensure the kite feels like a small kite yet is still powerful, also the kite is very versatile and will fly on either four or five lines, and for an additional £325.00 you can purchase either the 2012 North Trust 5th Element Bar or the 2012 North Trust Bar Quad Control.

Another fantastic choice would be the North Vegas Kitesurfing Kite 2012, again this kite is available in purple, blue and green and the prices depend on your chosen size:

5 mtr - £758.00
6 mtr - £798.00
7 mtr - £848.00
8 mtr - £888.00
9 mtr - £928.00
10 mtr - £968.00
12 mtr - £1,048.00
14 mtr - £1,148.00

This special competition kite is perfect for newschoolers, and the great features lie in the versatility of the C shape kite, a simple adjustment on the kite's wingtip offers 3 great varied settings. Get yours online today from S2AS.

Don't forget here at S2AS we have a huge range of North Kites and other North products, view them here today.